Bermo comes from Bergamo, a province famous for textile manufacture in Lombardia, Italy. When Italy is a country of fashion, Lombardia is the heart of Italian textile industry since it covers all elements of textile manufacture, and most of textile machines are made in the district. Milan is the capital of Lombardia, which is genuinely the “dream factory” in the textile industry.

Originating from Italian and European culture, Bermo Home Textile, mastering the essence of “Bergamo”, utilizes strengths of most advanced textile technologies, and also keeps refining on them. What’s more, with western culture interacting with Italian style, it brings people a creative and fashionable lifestyle.


Libon is a new fashionable household brand belongs to Jiangsu Bermo Group

It is committed to become a domestical most cost-effective home textile brand in China.

As a home textile products research and sales company,Libon is exploiting a new home texile field with its unique style and excellent quality.


VOGUE TASTE, a famous fabric brand which belongs to Jiangsu Bermo Home Textile Co.,Ltd.,. Vogue Taste is specialized in researching and producing 100% cotton printed fabric, the fabric is beautiful and colorful, soft and comfortable. Inspired by trends around all the world,our professional design teams will always bring you most fashionable and unique designs.


Nantong Suou Import and Export Co.,Ltd, established in 16th July 2007

is located in the famous home textile city-----Nantong, Jiangsu Province and near the economic center-----Shanghai. It has an annual sales of USD 25 million.

Suou is specialized in producing and selling a variety of fabrics in different construction. The excellent fabric quality and advanced technology of Bermo make the product fashionable and have a high reputation among customers from home and aboard.